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Who we are

How we started

The journey so far…

Our story started in mid 2020 in a small apartment in Central London. The founding team gathered together for sunday lunch, just after the UK lifted lockdown restrictions. During Sunday lunch, the children were playing and the adults were doing what adults do.

Having watched a TV show with the kids for a few minutes, It just so happened that one of the Dean turned to rest of the soon to be founding team and said “Why aren’t there more black kids on these shows?”.

Silence… then no one responded. A few moments passed and the same Dean said “Surely we can do this?”. Silence again… Then Dean grabbed his laptop, Kofi was all for it “Yeah, these shows are super simple”.

Ben said he was in as long as we could make the content interative and immersive and Jordan said he’d handle the UX/UI.

and so after:

• Two weeks we registered Yyoma (Jul)

• Four weeks (Aug) we released our first animated episode called Kwame ‘s Kente Coat

• Six weeks (Sept) we started to license content from around the world

• Eight weeks (Oct) we launched our proof of concent on Web

• Ten weeks (Nov) that we launched our alpha iOS and Android apps

and in December we started to speak to investors and closed our Seed Round of X in January 2021, enabling us to build state of the art web, mobile and tablet apps.

By January 2021, authors started to see Yyoma as a vehicle to reach more children and we agreed to turn their books into animated content. With momentum building, we did what any group of founders on a mission would do; we doubled down and started to reach out to authors from around the world.

Our purpose We fundamentally believe that if we shift the mindset of children, they will believe anything is possible and rewrite the socio-economic narrative for their own and future generations. Our vision To ensure that every child receives a wholesome education while seeing every child and culture as they learn. Our mission To develop a holistic, representative, and diverse education for children by partnering with academics and researchers, collaborating with media and technical partners, and connecting creatives; Turning screen time into family fun and learning time.

“I wanted to be a part of a team whose vision is to teach our little ones their heritage and culture, and to accept and love who they already are.”

Faith GwaraCEO Yyoma

“I want to make fun, inspiring, educational videos, to help create the space for other young  children from under represented groups to learn about themselves and their heritage”

Kofi OwusuCEO Yyoma

My goal now is to make sure not a single child has to grow up feeling like an imposter in their own skin ever again. 

Ben OwusuCEO Yyoma

With Yyoma, I want to make sure BAME children know they’re beautiful, talented, and special, just as they already are. 

Jordan HuieCEO Yyoma

“Life is all about supporting each other, inspiring people, and the quest to leave the world a better place when we’re gone. With Yyoma, I hope to give the same inspiration to young children that my teachers gave to me.”

Seevan MuradCEO Yyoma

“I was lucky to have a mother who drove me to succeed, who helped me overcome everything from confidence issues to dyslexia. With Yyoma, my dream is to help other young black children achieve the same things. Or better still, to exceed these things”

Dean BryanCEO Yyoma

“It gives me a huge sense of pride and fulfilment, that I am a part of a genuine movement, an agent for change and a beacon of hope for young children from under represented groups from around the world.”

Jonas AfutuCEO Yyoma

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