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Seevan Murad

Seevan Murad

I’m Seevan and I’m a Head of Social Media here at Yyoma. 

In my spare time I love taking my dog out for long walks and practicing mindfulness meditation. When I’m working for Yyoma, I bring the same care and thoughtfulness to the job that I do.

In 2015, I graduated with an MSc in Finance & Accounting, and went on to pursue a career in management. Here, I learned how to encourage and stimulate a team, how to innovate with exciting new approaches to working life. Beyond all else, I’m passionate about empowering people, helping them achieve profound, personal growth.

When I moved to the UK, I couldn’t speak a word of English. I was the only Arab kid in my school. I couldn’t socialise, and only a handful of teachers believed in me. But the ones who did had a huge impact on my life. I wouldn’t have gone on to university and achieved a Distinction in my Masters without them. 

For me, life is all about supporting each other, inspiring people, and the quest to leave the world a better place when we’re gone. With Yyoma, I hope to give the same inspiration to young children that my teachers gave to me.

A fun fact about me: I love photography and how a single image can truly capture a moment. I often take pictures in public and find myself wondering about people and their stories. What’s your favourite hobby?