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Jordan Huie

Jordan Huie

I’m Jordan and I’m a co-founder of Yyoma. I love music and photography, and I’m also an experienced UX/UI designer, which means I’m central to the user experience here. 

As a child, I couldn’t help but notice how underrepresented black people were in Western media. If black characters did appear, to me they always seemed to be “cool”, dressed in sports gear, and clearly a stereotype. 

Then, as a father, when my daughter came to me one day and said she wanted to look like the blonde, long-haired heroines of Disney and Pixar movies, I decided that something had to change. 

With Jamaican roots on my mum’s side, with Indian roots on my dad’s side, having been born in the UK myself, I feel truly part of the international world.

With Yyoma, I use all my design experience to help young people everywhere learn about black figures and icons, the truth about human history, and to make sure BAME children know they’re beautiful, talented, and special, just as they already are. 

FYI: If I could have only one meal for the rest of my life, I would choose Ethiopian rice and stew, because it’s delicious and it gives me all the nutrients I need for all the challenges life has to offer. What would you choose?