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Our Investor Services Team is here to help with any general questions regarding Asasi Capital.
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    Yyoma is committed to protecting your information. Your information will be used in accordance with the applicable data privacy law, our internal policies and our privacy policy.


    At Yyoma we take all complaints seriously. If you wish to complain please contact the relevant department as shown above. For further details of how we will handle your complaint please read our complaints handling procedures.
    You may also be eligible to complain to the Financial Services Ombudsman, please refer to www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk for further information and contact details.

    Scams and fraud

    Please be aware that during this time of the coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak there is a heightened risk of fraud by unscrupulous individuals seeking to take advantage of the present situation. Accordingly, you should use caution in responding to unsolicited investment proposals or requests for your personal information.
    In particular, we are aware of specific instances of unauthorised use of our name by individuals purporting to represent Yyoma and offering investment products that are not genuine, including but not necessarily limited to the ‘Yyoma Investment Fund’. These are not genuine Yyoma funds products. Yyoma l does not solicit investments from retail clients or request personal information over the telephone. We are in contact with the relevant financial authorities as well as the police, and are closely monitoring this situation.
    If you have any concerns about a proposed investment related to Yyoma please contact us on 020 7743 3000 before you take any action. You can additionally review the Financial Conduct Authority’s ScamSmart website.

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